Our Story by Angie Wong, Founder and CEO

Network Designs Integration Services has been providing fast, knowledgeable IT services for the East-Bay, Peninsula, and South-Bay high-tech business since 1994. Most of our original customers have remained with us. We have a very low customer turnover rate, and an even lower employee turnover rate. We must be doing something right!

I received my MBA from San Jose State in 1989. I can’t think of a better use of my business education than helping other companies stay productive, efficient and stress-free. Our goal, whether selling you a simple HP Notebook, installing a suite of IBM BladeServers, or supporting a hundred-user Microsoft network– is to bring your network, your servers, your printers and your applications to 100% reliability. We want your employees focused on your customers and your business, not on figuring out, “what suddenly happened to the internet connection?”

Network Designs Integration Services is a certified SBE with the state of California, and SLEB (Small, Local, Emerging Business) with the County of Alameda.

I hope that I can assist you and your team to become more productive and more focused on your customers without the distractions of network and computer support issues.

Our prices are competitive, but what distinguishes us is our exceptional customer service.

Please phone me to discuss your business concerns. If there is one thing everyone on the Networks Designs Integration Services team does well, it’s that we listen!


Warmest Regards,

Angie Wong
Founder & CEO
Network Designs Integration Services